The Euro Convertor plug (ECP) is an adaptor which converts 2.5A CEE7 (XVI) Europlugs to the BSI363 system format. With its hinged lid, secured with a screw, external fuse access and no loose parts, it is ideal for manufacturers who want to produce one version of their product and then convert certain models for the UK market and other BS1363 markets.



The product is approved to BS5733, BS1363 plug/socket features and BS1362 fuse link. Approved by BSI. Product complies with current RoHS standards.

Colours and quantities

Black / White / Clear (made from polycarbonate)
M.O.Q is 250 orders must be in multiples of 250 if you require fewer products click here to go to our distributor page.
Other colours require a minimum qty of 30,000 pieces

If you require fewer products click here to go to our distributors page.

Technical information

Voltage 240V 50Hz
Current rating 2.5A
Load 600W (max.)
Fuse 3A or (5A) BSI362
Material Thermoplastic PP or Nylon. Cadmium Free
Weight 45g (typical)